2 Day Youth Mental Health First Aid

£240.00 + VAT

£240.00 + VAT

2 Day Youth Mental Health First Aid

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You will receive MHFA England certificate.


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What is mental health first aid for youth?

If you are supporting youth, you will want to become a youth mental health first aider by attending the Youth MHFA Two Day Course. The Youth Mental Health First Aid first includes four sessions over 2 days.

Youth mental health first aid covers England’s child health care policy, statistics on youth mental health as well as some common misconceptions around children’s  mental health. Also covered are risk and protective factors and the ALGEE action plan and recovery.

  1. Depression and anxiety.  What are the most common signs and symptoms. Risk factors. First aid for depression.
  2. Suicide and psychosis.  What are warning signs and risk factors for suicide? How can you deliver first aid for a suicidal crisis.  You will learn the action plan for mental health emergencies like suicide and psychotic episodes.
  3. Self-harm and eating disorders.  You will learn about self-harm risk factors. What are the symptoms of self harm?. Why do children self-harm? What are the different types of eating disorders?. How to to approach to the young person experiencing mental health difficulties and implement an action plan.

Who is it for MHFA youth course?

The youth  mental health first aid course is recommended for those who working with young people 8-18 years old. Parents, teachers, community workers and sport workers are encouraged to take a Youth Mental Health First Aid Course to help those youth with whom they spend time.

There are numerous reasons why  young people have mental health difficulties. Young people can be especially vulnerable during adolescence and this impacts and is affected by their mental health. Parents and teachers are well positioned to spot any early signs that a young person might be struggling with their mental health, covered in the course. Early signposting and  intervention significantly helps recovery.

Some risk factors for ill mental health include:

  • Physical disability
  • Violence and abuse
  • Bullying/ Cyberbulling
  • Drugs and Alcohol
  • Discrimination based on religion, ethnic minority or sexual orientation.

How much does a Mental Health First Aid Course cost?

All courses come with course materials a manual and a workbook. The books are helpful resources to refresh your knowledge as well as support your own mental health, both during and after the course.  Books are included in the course price.

Course lengthCost PPMax. people per group
Half Day Course£85 + vat25 people
One Day Course£160 + vat16 people
Two Day Course£240 + vat16 people

ALL MENTAL HEALTH COURSES  ARE DELIVERED IN HALF DAY1 DAY OR 2 DAYS.  You can choose the course length according to your needs. Please scroll down to learn more about the content of MHFA courses.

How long is the Youth Mental Health First Aid course?

Like the Adult MHFA courses, there are three options for taking Youth focused courses:

Youth Mental Health Aware Half day course. The course takes 4 hours and is a basic introduction to mental health first in youth. It covers. The half day course improves skills around speaking about mental health with others and provides knowledge and tools to look after your own mental health.

Youth MHFA One day course. The one day course aims to increase delegates’ knowledge of youth mental health and confidence when supporting someone aged 8-18. Common illness and how to spot them are discussed, and delegates will learn how to take action if they feel someone may be experiencing mental distress.

Youth MHFA Two day course. The Youth two day course is the most advanced metal health first aid course, and the only course that qualifies you as a mental health first aider for youth. The course spans four  sessions and includes the most common mental illnesses in youth and how to help. Delegates will also discuss stigma, how this can be a factor, the ALGEE action plan, and recovery.

Depression and anxiety. Sign and symptoms of depression and anxiety. What are the risk factors? What is the action plan for depression and anxiety.

Suicide. Risk factors for suicide. What are the warning signs? How can you help when young person is having a suicidal crisis? How can you spot suicidal behaviour? How to differentiate adolescence  and suicidal crisis? What are the types of psychotic disorders? How to act in case of mental health emergency – action plan.

Self-harm and eating disorder.  What are the risk factors of self-harming among young people. How to recognise signs and symptoms. When should be action taken? What is an eating disorder? What types of eating disorders do young people experience? Action plan. Recovery.

What I will be learning in Mental Health First Aid Training?

If you choose the most comprehensive 2 day  Youth Mental Health First Aid Course  you will be attending 4 sessions:


  • 1 session:
  • About Youth Mental Health First Aid
  • Context: England’s child health care policy
  • About mental health – facts and figures
  • Risk factors for mental ill health
  • Protective factors for mental health
  • Preventing mental health issues and promoting wellbeing
  • The Youth MHFA action plan: ALGEE
  • 2 session:
  • About depression – facts and figures
  • Signs and symptoms
  • Risk factors
  • About anxiety disorders – facts and figures
  • Signs and symptoms
  • Risk factors
  • The MHFA action plan for depression and anxiety: ALGEE
  • 3 session: 
  • About suicide
  • Risk factors and warning signs for suicide
  • First aid for suicidal crisis
  • About psychosis
  • Risk factors and warning signs of psychosis
  • Types of psychotic disorders
  • Crisis first aid for acute psychosis
  • The MHFA action plan for psychosis: ALGEE
  • 4 session: 
  • About self-harm – facts and figures
  • Risk factors
  • Signs and symptoms
  • The MHFA action plan for self-harm: ALGEE
  • About eating disorders – facts and figures
  • Different types of eating disorders
  • The MHFA action plan for eating disorders: ALGEE
  • Recovery


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If you are still not convinced, read our happy customers' reviews. 

    review rating 5  I had my first aid today, taught by Adrian. He is a great first aid teacher with loads of information . He make first aid look very easy. Thanks again Adrian. Amazing first aid teacher

    thumb Delita Temple

    review rating 5  Just finished a 4 day course with Joanna Lockwood with my work and have gained so much more knowledge than I had before. She was very informative had lots of knowledge and had great Quality Material, with lots of physical activities thank you so much, until I need to take the course again to do my refresher, thank you, Jo!

    thumb Laura Jacks

    review rating 5  Great training. The lady is lovely, made lots of jokes and made sure to make it fun and interesting. It includes practice and activities in groups so it is not boring.

    thumb Helena García Troitiño
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